Back Up and Running…

Well, we are back up and running. It has been a long five days that we've been without the website, and we apologize for the interruptions.

It has been a challenging and interesting experience, and we have been able to recognize just how un-resilient our systems were. It has also highlighted just how key our website is. It gave us the opportunity to re-examine our hosting providers, and we learned the in's and out's of web biz. For instance, our current domain provider is a company, we learned, with no ethics in line with what we do, as the CEO enjoys hunting big game animals (elephants) which is not what we're about, but we are happy to announce that we will be powered by wind, and nicer folks.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope this didn't cause anyone too much frustration.

Yours Truly,

Dirt Craft Natural Building

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