How We Can Help

We are committed to helping people create healthy, comfortable, durable, and energy efficient homes. These qualities are the result of dialogue, a thorough understanding of the materials used in building and how they come together, and a dedication to craftsmanship – doing things the right way, which is not the same as the easy way.

Our building services are both knowledge-based and hands-on. Our comprehensive consulting services ensure you get off to a good start.

Once a plan is in place however, the real work needs to begin. Our services are always tailored to your project and particular needs. We work in both new home construction and also apply natural materials to renovation and retrofit projects, as well as backyard projects. For a list of materials we work with and for ideas on how these materials can be applied to your project, see the ‘Building Services’ tab on the main menu above.

To best accommodate your timeline, budget, and goals, we offer the following services:

Our Specialties

  • Straw bale
  • Light clay straw
  • Wood chip clay
  • Cob
  • Adobe
  • Interior earthen plasters, including American Clay
  • Exterior earthen plasters
  • Earthen floors
  • Rocket mass heaters


A large part of our work is education, helping to empower students by providing the information and skills they need to take on their own projects, whether building a pizza oven or constructing a house.

Natural building is best learnt in a hands-on environment, under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Visit our Upcoming Workshop schedule here.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please have a look at our hosting guidelines, to see if this model might works for you, then feel free to get in touch.

Facilitated Building

We encourage you to participate in the building of your own home, regardless of your experience. Participating is rewarding, helps you develop a real sense of connection to your home, and can be very cost effective.

If you are willing to put in some sweat equity, our facilitated building approach is a great way to get the results you want with confidence and professional support. Whether working with you one-on-one or guiding a group of your friends, family and neighbours, we are there to make sure the work gets done efficiently, with reliable results.

We can help you formulate recipes for plasters and earthen floors, or do the installation work. We’ve provided facilitated building for straw bale installation, earthen floors, natural plasters, and private cob oven projects.

Professional Installation

We are experienced straw bale installers, and specialize in the formulation and application of natural plasters for earthen buildings. As certified installers of American Clay earthen plasters, we enjoy transforming both new and older homes through the application of clay to walls, including over drywall.

We are known for our carefully crafted earthen floors, which compliment a wide-range of spaces both new and existing. And having built over 40 earthen (cob) ovens, we enjoy building custom ovens for individuals, institutions, and businesses.