American Clay, Clay Paint & Natural Interior Finishes

Canadians now spend 90% of their time indoors and it is more important than ever to ensure that the indoor environments we inhabit are as nurturing as quality outdoor ones. This is precisely why we love introducing clay into people’s living spaces as much as we do. Clay, being from the earth, releases negative ions, much as trees or waterfalls do. Thus, clay is not just environmentally neutral like a no-VOC paint, but it is restorative, putting you one step closer to an indoor environment that has the qualities an outdoor one.
Clay finish, retail space. Colour: 'Jasper'.

Clay plasters are natural, environmentally friendly, and life-enhancing, adding character and warmth to any space. They are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic and are perfect for finishing any natural building – cob, clay-straw, adobe, straw bale- and even to new or existing drywall. Whether it’s a baby room, yoga studio, a bedroom, or a bathroom, natural clay-based plasters add vibrancy, texture, and colour to the space.

American Clay over drywall, bathroom. Green home renovation. Colour 'Tuscon Gold'.

Clay plasters have many benefits, including:

  • They add warmth and beauty to any room
  • Humidity regulation (a 20mm thick plaster on an area of one square metre can absorb 250 grams of water)
  • Odour absorption
  • Buffering of electro-magnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Improved acoustics by absorbing sound (cement stucco results in a hollow echo)
  • Ideal for those with chemical sensitivities
  • They link us to our past and can perhaps teach us ways to simplify our future.

Clay finish over drywall, kitchen. Green home construction. Colour 'Snake River'.

How We Can Help:

When it comes to interior plasters we offer 3 strategies for bringing earthen finishes into your space:

1. Workshops

Throughout the year we teach a number of workshops on making and applying clay-based paints and plasters. These are geared toward do-it-yourselfers or those wishing to get a feel for the fun and beauty of natural building. Click here to see upcoming topics and dates.

2. In-Home ‘How-to’ Consultations

In addition to offering our plastering services, we also offer shorter in-home consultations for those wishing to learn the basics of tool selection, wall preparation and application techniques so you can do it yourself.

This package includes 2 sessions: 1) a 4-hour session to discuss tools, mixing procedures, application techniques, while answering any questions and addressing any doubts you may have. 2) the follow up session is 2-hours, typically 1 or 2 days later, and is spent on the finishing of the plasters, a process known as compression. As they say, “if you want to impress, you must compress.”

This package is valued at $350 plus materials. We also have a selection of specialized trowels and tools available for rent. For more information please contact us!

3. Residential and Commercial Application

As Approved Applicators of American Clay products, we are pleased to offer this service to both residential and commercial clients. Working with both our own custom plaster blends and American Clay products, we can apply earthen plasters to meet most tastes and budgets.

For more information, to see samples, or to request a quote, please get in touch.

American Clay over drywall in straw bale/ timber frame home. Colour 'Nantucket Sand'.

What Our Clients are Saying

“It has been 4 months since Ashley plastered our bathroom with American Clay. There has not been a day that has gone by where I haven’t marveled at the wonders of the look and feel of clay. We have a teeny bathroom with a fan that doesn’t work very well, and I always wondered how the humidity from showers and baths was affecting the bathroom. Now, as I shower I breathe in the earthy smells of clay and can hardly believe how amazingly it regulates the humidity. The mirror doesn’t even fog up! I wholeheartedly stand behind American Clay as a product, and Ashley’s skillful plastering techniques. I look forward to the day when we plaster our whole house!”

– Lauren Mangion, owner of Conscious Home

American Clay over drywall, bathroom. Colour 'Bluefield'.