Clay Plasters for Cob Ovens

Is Your Oven Looking a Little Hairy? – Introducing Plaster in a Bucket from Dirt Craft

June 2015 Special: For those of you in the Calgary area, we will be available to plaster your oven for $150, including material, and some minor repairs. If you’ve been delaying that final touch, now is your opportunity to finish it off.

From experience, we know these are busy times, and though we have the best intentions, often there are projects that just go unfinished. The ovens get used but they still have that hairy macaroon look. We tell ourselves we’ll get to making that plaster one day soon but who are we kidding? As a solution, we’ve taken action to make plastering a joy, not a chore. Whether you’ve hosted a workshop or built your own, Plaster in a Bucket will add the finishing touch to complete your oven.

Cob Oven Plaster

Hairy Oven                                                     Plastered Oven

For $35, we can set you up with a Plaster in a Bucket.


  • A perfect clay and sand mix.
  • Bag of finely chopped and screened straw.
  • Plaster compression tool.

All you need to do is add water and, the fun part, apply!

We have a variety of colours available:

  • Earthy Red Clay Plaster (a great choice for a classic dome shaped oven),
  • A Native Clay Plaster (is a brown/grey which is the colour of native clays of Southern Alberta).
  • An off White Plaster
  • The off white plaster can be combined with your choice of pigment.

We offer three pigments, for $5 each:

  • Red iron oxide.
  • Yellow ochre
  • Black oxide for design.

These pigments are mineral based, and non-toxic. Many of the blues, purples or greens are heavy metal based, so we choose to avoid them. If you had your heart set on one of these colours specifically, contact us, as there are some healthier options available, though pricing varies.

cob oven plaster detailsPlastering an oven.




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