Cob Ovens – Taking Over the World!

Recently, we decided to render a map that depicts all the locations of where, we here at Dirt Craft, have taught cob oven workshops in the past few years. It was a great exercise, going through photos, remembering each group, the highlights and the character building challenges. Sometimes, it is important to spend time reflecting, looking back to where we have been, to see the possibilities and opportunities of the future. If you have engaged with us, as one of over 450 Learn-to-Build-a-Cob-Oven alumni, we hope that you have some good memories to reflect on, and perhaps see an opportunity to put your skills to work soon (if you haven’t already!). Thanks everyone! We can do what we do because of you.

Stay tuned…we are scheduled to teach a few more sold out workshops in the next few weeks; so this map will only grow. We are also working on another map that is a more complete collection of what Dirt Craft is all about: the earthen floors we’ve installed, the earthen plaster workshops, the straw bale work. Hope you’re feeling inspired today. Check out some of our past workshops here.

Dirt Craft Cob Oven Workshops Map

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