Cob Ovens

"The bread oven is not merely a bread oven." The Bread Ovens of Quebec

Cob Oven

A cob oven – also known as an earth oven – is a fusion of art and functionality, whereby sand, clay and straw are combined to build a space for baking artisan breads, pizzas and stews. They have been vital to societies across the globe and throughout history and are still used in many places today. Here in Canada, the province of Quebec is home to the largest concentration of cob ovens, many going back to the mid-1800s.1

These wood-fired, handsculpted ovens are simple, elegant and an ideal way to bring people together to bake, laugh and share. Best of all, they can be built with readily available materials, most of which can be found underfoot. And if you’ve had the privilege of eating bread or pizza from an earth oven, you will know that this is pure bliss!

We offer 4 ways to obtain a cob oven:

1. Take a workshop. This is a great way to learn all the steps needed to build your very own earth oven. Click here to see our list of upcoming workshops.

2. Host a workshop. Once you've attended a workshop offered by Dirt Craft you have the opportunity to host a workshop and have an oven built for you. Learn more about hosting a workshop by clicking here

3. Hire us to guide your group. Wether it's a corporate retreat, a day-offering at a camp or lodge, or simply to get a group of friends together, we can help guide the process to make sure things go smoothly. Contact us for a quote.

4. Custom builds. You can hire us to build a cob oven to your specifications. If you're strapped for time but would like a truely uniqe addition for your yard, this is a great option. We use local materials, which means you get a beautiful and functional oven without having to ship it from Italy! Contact us for a quote.

The Bread Ovens of Quebec (1979) by Lise Boily and Jean-Francois Blanchette. National Museums of Canada.

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