Earth for Refined Interiors

Here is a small sampling of some of Dirt Craft’s more refined projects.

Earth for Refined Interiors:

Earthen floors are a great companion to passive solar design, but also work really well for in-floor heating systems. We have applied earthen floors over existing concrete (for family’s who realized that living on concrete was too hard on their bodies) as well a conventional plywood sub-flooring. Here is some more information about earthen floors, including frequently asked questions.

Clay plasters can be applied to most interior wall surfaces, including drywall. A great alternative to various acrylic, latex, or concrete finishes as it provides superior colour richness, and texture, as well it is a sustainable, inviting, healthy way to bring nature into your home. We apply clay plaster with traditional tools, trowels and hawks, but we also offer clay paint as an option. The paint, while not as thick, and therefore without the same level of indoor air quality befits, is an affordable, environmentally sound option. Clay is not just environmentally neutral like a no-VOC paint, but it is restorative, putting you one step closer to that ultimate comfort and experience of a creative inviting space, with health benefits to boot.

We can get you started with an in-home consultation, or we can make sure your project turns out right with our professional application services.

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