Natural Building Intensive – St. Paul, Alberta

Dirt Craft will be teaching 3 back to back natural building workshops at Blue Quills First Nations College in St. Paul, Alberta in July 2014.

This partnership presents a unique opportunity for some serious hands-on learning.

As a way for you to take advantage, we thought we’d offer the Natural Building Intensive package. Sign up for all three workshops for a savings of $200.

Over these 9 days of hands-on natural building, you will learn how to:

  • Build with cob – how to find and process local materials; how to mix and test your recipe
  • Use cob to build a super efficient wood fired oven (think amazing pizza!)
  • Build with straw bales to create an amazingly energy efficient, healthy home
  • Use earth to create a beautiful plaster system for your straw bale building (and why choosing the right plaster system is critical to the longevity of your natural building)
  • Use clay to make a beautiful, durable earthen floor

For detailed information on each component of the Natural Building Intensive, please click through to individual workshop descriptions below:

  1. The Double Chamber Cob Oven (July 19th & 20th)
  2. Straw Bale Comprehensive (July 21st to 25th)
  3. The Complete Earthen Floor (July 26th to 27th)

Note: Registrations are being administrated through Michael Hollihn at Blue Quills. Please visit or contact him directly: Michael Hollihn (Natural Building-Science Apprenticeship Program Coordinator): 780.645.4455 extension 241 email: [email protected].

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please feel free to contact us (Heather or Ashley of Dirt Craft Natural Building).


Double Chamber Wood Fired Cob Oven July 19 & 20 $280
The Straw Bale Comprehensive July 21 – July 25 $700
The Complete Earthen Floor July 26 & July 27 $280
Total: $1,260
Natural Building Intensive (all 3 workshops, save $200) July 19 – July 27 $1,060




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