Natural Walls: Clay Plasters & Paints for Interiors

Clay is the ultimate in natural: unique, comfortable and stylish, add warmth to any space and best of all, has an extremely low environmental impact. Clay plasters and paints provide endless, creative ways to bring modern or old world style into your home. They offer natural beauty, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic alternative to conventional (toxic!) paint, resistance to dirt and grim, and they are UV stable. Not only are they perfect for finishing any natural wall system – cob, clay-straw, adobe, straw bale, but also provide a fantastic finish over new or existing drywall. This is a classic craft that has so many modern applications. In our workshops, you’ll learn recipes, how to source ingredients, and the ‘hawk & trowel’ method of plaster application.

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Dirt Craft’s finish clay plaster and paint workshops: