Straw Bale, Base Coat & Mid Coat Earthen Plasters

Straw bale can be a really advantageous way to build, especially in colder climates. In Canada here we have access to straw bales which are a byproduct of a large amount of agricultural activity, making it not only an efficient way to build in terms of building energy use, but an excellent way to put a waste stream to work. Straw is highly insulating, and when combined with plaster, it equals a superb combination of insulation and thermal mass. Using bales to build is a rewarding and empowering experience. There are some serious measures that must be thoroughly understood if you are going to build with straw to ensure the longevity, health & interior comfort of the building. Straw bale walls also present a unique opportunity to use locally available materials in the form of sub soil and clay to create recipes for an earthen plaster that perfectly matches the needs of a straw bale wall system.

For more about building with straw, and choosing a plaster for your straw bale project, visit our straw bale main page here.