Wood Fired Cob Ovens

Cob Ovens – the Best in the Business for Wood Fired Bread & Pizza

A very popular workshop that we offer is the one day ‘How to Build a Cob Oven’ (see Upcoming Workshops). These are always great days, filled with mud, community building, and good food. Of course, the main objective is that you walk away with the know-how to get started on your own project. One of the most important things that our workshops provide is that hands-on experience, guided by a knowledgeable teacher, to insure that you really get to know what the ‘right’ mixture feels like. For many, the cob oven is an introduction to natural building, but for others it is part of a quest for food grounded in tradition and rooted in community.



Cob Oven Cookery

Cooking in a Cob Oven: Enjoying the Fruits of the Fire

We host courses that highlight the delectable treats that come out of these amazing ovens.

One memorable evening was a harvest dinner with the amazing Val Andrews. She put together a delicious wood fired meal that made the best of the seasons fresh, local, organic food. The table was set under two fragrant and colourful apple trees, and the cob oven was fired hot enough to roast two appetizers, a main course, and dessert for fifteen people. On the menu was fresh baked flat bread with lightly brushed herb oil, to go with the fired seared eggplant dip, butternut squash and feta filo torte, gently spiced with chilies, grilled local organic pork, salt encrusted baked potatoes with rosemary, and a fresh arugula salad with homemade pickled beets. For dessert, we had baked organic BC peaches, topped with handmade creme fraiche and candied pumpkin seeds.

We have also hosted successful ‘Bread Baking in a Cob Oven’ with a Calgary bread master Aviv Fried, of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery in Calgary. Starting off in his bakery, we have some appetizers, make sour dough bread with his vibrant starter, and then head over to Dirt Craft HQ where we enjoy wine, and making and eating wood fired pizza, and the bake the bread.

These cob ovens are all about enjoying food, good company, and getting in touch with what makes life worth living.



Building Our Very Own Double Chamber Cob Oven

We finally had the opportunity to actually host our own oven Cob Oven workshop in May of 2015! It was fun to act not only as teachers, but hosts as well. And of course, we like to build, so build we did. The stone base tested our masonry skills, and the pergola (outdoor kitchen roof) put our carpenter-at-night skills to work. And the workshop was so much fun!

First we had to site our oven. A newly cleared site with lots of space to gather, overlooking the lake was just the perfect spot.

Then, we drove up mountain roads, collecting rocks for our base.

We poured a minimal concrete footing on a gravel bed just the perfect size for our base & then we stacked some rock…lots and lots of rock.

We salvaged old posts, and re-purposed the roof from a no longer used out building to build our oven a cover. This took us into the night, but it’s always more fun to try new things, right? And it turned out to provide some much needed shade during the workshop.

The day of the workshop arrived. What an engaged, group of enthusiastic learners we had out in Kaleden.

We’ve had a chance to fire, bake and enjoy this oven, and we really love how it works. It fires well, it is always easy to get the fire going, even if it’s windy, and there is basically no smoke. It also bakes amazingly well.

For more information about the super efficient double chamber cob oven design, have a read of our article, The Double Chamber Cob Oven, detailing a project that we built through a workshop in Invermere in fall 2013.