Preparing Sourdough for Cob Oven Baking

We’ve been baking bread with our own wild yeast sourdough starter for almost 6 years now and people are always amazed with the results; they love the sourness, the spongy texture, and the crispy crust. We don’t claim to be expert bakers, but we’ve had pretty good luck with this particular sourdough recipe.

The magic is in the vigor of your starter but also in the time you give the yeast to do what they do best – eat and expel carbon dioxide, causing the bread to rise. The more they eat and the longer they are allowed to do it, the more complex the flavour.

Finally, the reason we believe most people are amazed with the bread is because of the way it is baked. Bread from an earth oven is imbued with a certain quality that you simply do not get in a traditional oven. An earth oven gives the bread a flavour that is unmatched by anything else I’ve tried.

We hope you enjoy the video and best of luck with your bread baking adventures! Our Wood-Fired Bread Baking e-book is a great companion to this series. Sign up for our newsletter to get your copy.




2 thoughts on “Preparing Sourdough for Cob Oven Baking

  1. Daniel Audette

    I was looking for your entry on making the sour dough starter and the sour dough recipe but any of the links I have clicked on they are coming back with an error message.

    1. Dirt Craft Natural Building Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Sorry ’bout that. I’ve relinked those items now. They lead to a useful website called Breadtopia, and it seems like they frequently adjust their links, leaving our readers with no where to go.


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