Preparing Sourdough for Cob Oven


I've been baking bread with my own wild yeast sourdough starter for almost 3 years now and people are always amazed with the results; they love the sourness, the spongy texture, and the crispy crust. I don't claim to be an expert baker but I've had pretty good luck with this particular sourdough recipe and it's the focus of this step-by-step video. 

I believe the magic is in the vigor of your starter but also in the time you give the yeast to do what they do best – eat and expel carbon dioxide, causing the bread to rise. The more they eat and the longer they are allowed to do it, the more complex the flavour. I'm also a big believer in kneading. I understand that the 'no-knead' recipes are all the rage these days but kneading is extremely rewarding and creates the best possible texture. And I think the exercise is good for most of us anyway.  

Finally, the reason I believe most people are amazed with the bread is because of the way it is baked. Bread from an earth oven is imbued with a certain quality that you simply do not get in a traditional oven. An earth oven gives the bread a flavour that is unmatched by anything else I've tried.

I hope you enjoy the video and best of luck with your bread baking adventures!  

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