Building Tips & Design Ideas Resource Page

This page is an ongoing collection of our explorations into shelter. What it means to have a roof over our head in this day and age, what our choices are, economic or otherwise, and how the type of home we live in impacts our health and the health of the planet. We hope you will find these articles thought provoking and of some assistance to your own personal journey.

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Better Material Choices

8 Alternatives to Drywall – A Natural Builders Perspective

We dig into what is really behind this ubiquitous building product and what it means for your health and the health of the planet. Also included is a list of alternatives.


Smart Use of Small Spaces

Small is Beautiful: Design Tips for Living Larger in Less Space

Based on our experience living in small spaces, as well as collected ideas from respected designers and different cultural contexts, bringing together solutions for you (if you are embarking on a new project, there are also some helpful tips that could save you money).


Important: Read Before Starting on s New Project

So You Want to Live in an Earthen Home Part l: Land Selection

Part ll: Choosing a Building Method

Part lll: Site Selection

This series of 3 articles represents some of the most critical questions that you will be faced with when considering a new build. We promise that it will be worth your time to read them over, as the time and money that can be saved by starting out on the right foot is priceless.


Thoughts on Home Ownership

The Economics of Home Ownership Part l:

The Economics of Home Ownership Part ll:

The Economics of Home Ownership Part lll:

Home ownership is a critical step. Are there other ways of gaining access to shelter, while forgoing the oft assumed mortgage?


Interview with Architect and Natural Builder

Natural Building Interview with Bob Theis – Renowned Architect and Straw Bale Builder

Interviewed on the Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann, Bob Theis talks about his experience as a natural builder, and where straw bale fits into the bigger picture.