The Clay Plasters Resource Page

Clay Plasters and Natural Wall FinishesWe built this page specifically for those who are looking for more information about clay plasters: both for natural wall systems and for finishing interior interior spaces. We strongly recommend that you visit either our Exterior Plasters main page first for more about plasters for natural buildings, and our Interior Plaster, Clay Paint & American Clay main page for more about how to bring clay into a finished space, and onto different surfaces including drywall, concrete, and other rougher earthen plasters.


Earthen Plasters for Refined Interiors:


Why Clay is More Than Just Stuff on the Walls 

 Add Life to Your Walls – do you suffer from allergies, sleeplessness, or chemical sensitivities? Have issues with high indoor humidity? Maybe you’re a new parent and want the healthiest options for your little one. Or, perhaps, you’d like to make an existing space more peaceful, calming and beautiful.


Discussion of the Benefits of Having Clay in Your Home

The Benefits of Using Clay Paints and Plasters – Ashley speaks to the benefits of using clay paints and plasters in your home. They are beneficial even in the most conventional of homes, as clay paints and plasters can be applied over top of drywall.


Alternatives to Conventional Paint

DIY Clay Based Paints with Recipe

Many of today’s paints are made from unhealthy, synthetic materials that contribute to poor indoor air quality and poor health. While many no- or low-VOC paints are now available, many are still made with materials from destructive industrial processes.


Inspiring Spaces

Photo Gallery – for some inspiration on creative uses for clay finishes, have a look at a our gallery. 



Plasters & Renders for Natural Buildings:


How Natural Plasters Work on Earthen Buildings

Earthen Plasters for Natural Buildings – there is one key point that needs to be addressed when building with natural materials: whatever the finish is, it needs to facilitate the movement of moisture.


Adding Durability and Rain Shedding Capacity to Earthen Plasters

Adding Durability and Rain Shedding Capacity to Earthen Plasters – video – this video is a simple, but very effective, video that compares two coatings that can be used to increase the durability of earthen plasters without compromising vapour permeability: siloxane vs. potassium silicate (commonly known as water glass)


Earth, Lime or…Stucco?

Choosing an Exterior Plaster for Your Earthen Home – article  – some things to consider when evaluating the different options available for plaster for your natural home.


Design Considerations for Natural Buildings

The Devil is in the Details         – when building with natural materials, there is no substitute for good design, impeccable detailing, and generous roof overhangs. There are certainly some strategic choices that can be made along the way to ensure the longevity and health of your building.




How We Can Help

Learn the skills you need to work on your own project at one of our hands-on workshops. Check out our Upcoming Workshop schedule here. We also offer Consulting and a unique set of Building Services to help you with your specific project.

Specifically for American Clay, we’ve developed a great little package to make plaster easy and accessible that includes one-on-one instruction, tool rentals and materials. See more here…