The Earthen Floor Resource Page

We built this page specifically for those looking for more information about earthen floors. It brings together a selection of videos, articles and photos that we’ve authored to give you a better understanding of the process. As such, we strongly recommend that you visit our earthen floor main page first, and then dive back into the information on this page.

Earthen floors can be installed over most existing floor systems and  finished with natural, plant-based oils and bee’s wax.

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Earthen Floor FAQ:

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Where can I install an earthen floor? Can I use in-floor heating in my earthen floor? Are they easy to clean/ maintain? Find answers here.


Earthen Floor Time Lapse:

Click here to watch the time lapse video.

This earthen floor time lapse was for a straw bale home in Saskatchewan. It was done in 2 layers over of in-floor heating.


Earthen Floor Gallery:

Check out some of our photos of earthen floors, some finished, some in process.



These samples were made for floors that were being installed in a straw bale home, with an in-floor heating system. All of the earth that was used came directly from the hole that was dug for the foundation. After we made a larger number of samples, choosing those with the best appearance – i.e. no cracking, no shrinkage, wholly intact – we chose 3 to do some more invasive tests on. These highly scientific (wink, wink) abrasion and impact tests helped us determine which sample to go with. Not the best quality perhaps, but it’s worthwhile to see how the different samples behave to our inquisitions.


Installing an Earthen Floor

What is great about this is article is it describes the process of installing an earthen floor in a small straw bale structure that doesn’t have conventional floor joists or sub floor. Learn the steps involved to to prepare raw ground to accept an earthen floor with in-floor heating.