The Rocket Mass Heater Resource Page

If this is your first foray into the world of Rocket Mass Heaters (RMH), we’d suggest visiting our RMH main page here, before getting too deep into this Resource page.

How We Can Help You:

Dirt Craft offers several Rocket Mass Heater workshops (upcoming dates here) each year, so you can get hands on experience designing and building a system. We also provide advice if you’re thinking about building a rocket mass heater. Or (this is something we do quite often), if you’re trying to trouble-shoot something that’s not quite right with one you’ve already built. Visit our Consulting page for rates, and contact us to get started.


Making a Rocket Purr…One Tweak at a Time (a 3 part series on common problems and how to fix them):

The Joy of Rockets – Part 1

A Lesson on Chimneys: an Update on the Rocket – Part 2

The Rocket Gets One More (Final!) Tweak – Part 3

We know rockets intimately. Living in the cold in Canada, we need our heat. We’ve had smoke billowing up into our faces and have lost eyebrows; we’ve had flames shooting out of places we didn’t think possible; we’ve had the joy of digging stove pipe out of thousands of pounds of cob to remedy an overly ambitious run; and we’ve watched first hand why a stove pipe lazily terminating out the side of wall (as you are certain to see on hundreds of You Tube videos) doesn’t replace a proper chimney in most places. You name it, we’ve been there.

Our first system, which we’ve lived with for over four years now, has gone through many iterations, with many tweaks, but it lives on and after much persistence, it performs beautifully. Learn about these common troubles, and how to avoid them, in this three part series.


Rocket Mass Heaters in the Media:

Ashley Speaks About Rockets on CKUA’s Green Energy Futures – in the spring of 2013, the folks at Green Energy Futures, a radio program in Alberta spent a weekend at a Dirt Craft Rocket Mass Heater workshop. Hear the interview & watch the video here: (since the first air of this program, the Rocket Mass Heater story made the Green Energy Futures Top Stories of 2013 #1, with the video reaching over 79,000 views)

Photo from Green Energy Futures                        


Reading & Watching Resources:

Rocket Mass Heaters – 3rd Edition The long awaited 3rd edition of the book by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson is finally here! Like the last edition, this book includes excellent illustrations and practical and accessible instructions on how to build a rocket mass heater, with more case studies.   Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 & How to Build Rocket Mass Heaters – we watched 2 new DVD’s (one lead by Paul Wheaton, featuring Ernie & Erica Wisner, and the other by the Wisner’s themselves) on the subject of rocket mass heaters, and wrote a thorough review for your benefit.


Photo Gallery:

Rocket Mass Heaters – this gallery is full of photos from some of our recent workshops, including one in a little light clay straw office, one going into a workshop space, and another in a four-season greenhouse.


The Beginning of an Obsession:

Building Rockets in OregonAshley writes about his trip to Oregon where he was immersed in cob & building rockets with Ianto Evans of The Cob Cottage Co.


Wood Burning Tips:

A War on Wood Heat? – EPA Proposes Tough New Emissions Standard – recently I’ve seen a number of alarming posts on new changes to regulations coming down from the EPA regarding wood stoves. But will these measures really get to to the root of the problem? Heating with wood comes with responsibility. Read more about the efficiency/ effectiveness relationship, and how simple, appropriate technologies like the rocket mass heater go along way to addressing this two fold problem.

Responsible Wood Burningthis article is for anyone who heats with wood. Types of wood, determining its moisture content, a wood burning ethic, and more are explored.


Rocket Stoves For Cooking:

DIY Rocket Stove – a step by step guide to making your own portable mini rocket stove cooking appliance using tin cans from around your home.


3rd Edition of the Rocket Mass Heater Book:

rocket mass heater book 3rd Ed dirt craft natural buildingThe long awaited 3rd edition of the Rocket Mass Heaters book by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson is finally here! Like the last edition, this book includes excellent illustrations and practical and accessible instructions on how to build a rocket mass heater. It contains case studies of some excellent stove builders including “donkey”, “canyon”, and “peterberg”, names that will be familiar if you’ve perused the ever popular Rocket Stove forum.