“I have always been interested in cool projects that my family can put on our property in Calgary that will help to change the norm in our neighbourhood and move us towards a post-carbon world. When Ashley and Heather asked if I wanted to have a workshop at my place to teach others how to build a cob oven, I was thrilled about the opportunity since I had participated in one of Dirt Craft’s cob oven workshops the previous year.

Ashley and Heather gave me clear instructions about siting the oven, building the base and gathering the materials. They prepared us wonderfully for having 12 guests to our place for a day of learning and fun.

When the oven-building day came around, they encouraged us to have our almost two-year old son involved and our whole family helped out as much as possible. It was great fun to meet all the participants in the workshop, to learn about their particular backgrounds and interests and, of course, to work together as a community. The whole workshop went off without a hitch. We can’t wait to have the neighbours over for pizza. Thanks Dirt Craft!”


- Lindsay Luhnau, Calgary, AB