The Big Tiny – Book Review

The Big Tiny: A Built it Myself Memoir by Dee Williams

If you want to be inspired, to laugh, and maybe even shed a few tears, sit down for a couple of hours with Dee’s book. After learning she had a debilitating heart condition, Dee decided to sell her house, get rid of most of her possessions, and, with her own hands, build a 78 square foot tiny house that she’d park in the backyard of her good friends, Hugh and Annie, in Olympia, Washington. Her wonderful story, told with brutal honesty and a good dose of humour, certainly helped to put my own life into focus. One quote that particularly stood out for me was this: “…that even when you’ve liberated yourself from your debt, and are happy enough living like a polar bear in winter – even then, you’re still stuck with who you are.” If you are attracted to creating a simple, meaningful life, this is a great book to get you thinking about who you really are and what you really need to be happy.


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