Three Season Straw Bale Green House

Growing in Community

We’ve been working with the Canmore community garden for the past few months to build a three season straw bale green house. Located within the garden, this is a fully permitted, sanctioned by the town of Canmore, designed and stamped by an engineer, natural building! They’ve been working very hard to lay in the rubble trench foundation in preparation for the framing, which should be going up in the next few weeks. We’ll be out there in the middle of August to work with them and their people to put up the straw bales and plasters.

The project features some interesting elements including the reduced concrete (rubble trench) foundation, we’ll be using clay-lime plasters, as well as a ventilated rain screen (siding) for maximum bale protection. What makes it three season? Well, the straw bales will make up the North, West & East walls for insulation, and plenty of glazing on the South wall for solar collection. We’ll be on site in a few weeks, so you can look forward to a progress and process update soon.

rubble trench straw bale green house

Rubble trench under construction.

Canmore Straw Bale Green House

Canmore Community Garden, straw bale green house – drawings by ISL Engineering




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