Top 10 Reasons Natural Building Is For You

While away in Arizona working alongside Bill and Athena Steen at the Canelo Project I got to thinking, what exactly motivates people to build things, including their homes, from clay, sand, straw, wood, and rock? Here’s my Top 10 list, though probably not definitive.

  1. Your parents deprived you of dirt as a child.
  2. You’re cheap…or should I say frugal.
  3. Power tools scare the hell out of you.
  4. You’d rather give a kidney than take out a mortgage.
  5. Rock, yes! Drywall, what’s that?
  6. You walked into an Apple store and thought, “Those walls could really benefit from a little clay plaster.”
  7. You want to prove to yourself that a “big bad wolf” blowing down a straw bale house is bull%[email protected]!.
  8. You have pica (a clay eating disorder).
  9. You love engaging building inspectors and jumping through red tape (Weeee!!!).
  10. You figured mixing 100 batches of cob by yourself would be quicker than finding help in a Home Depot.

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