We Want To See Your Oven!

Heather and I have spent the last two summers traveling across western Canada teaching people how to build with cob (among other things), and in particular, how to use cob to build wood-fired ovens. In fact, we’ve just taught our 200th student through the popular 1-day “How to Build a Cob Oven” workshop. We feel so lucky to be able to share our passion for natural building and good food with people, and to have that excitement reciprocated!

We’ve met so many incredible people along the way and it’s their enthusiasm for living lighter, more fulfilling lives that really gets us excited and keeps us going. And it’s this energy that we’d like to more fully capture and share.

Some of our happiest moments have come when we get emails and photos telling the story of our students going away and building their own oven and the good times that have risen up around their oven. We love getting stories like these: 


“[Here is our oven]. We use the oven often at least once or twice a w eek. In fact we cooked our turkey (Christmas day) and some fabulous baguettes in it this year. It was AWESOME, moist and tender…not dry at all.  She doesn't look real pretty right now…she has the winter blues, but we love her… Her name is W INNIE after my gran dma who was an excellent bread maker.  We hope to finish her off this spring.”
– Lanny and Mark

We’d like to share more of these stories and photos and compile them on our website for others to see, read about, and learn from. So… if you’ve taken a workshop with us and have put the knowledge into practice, please get in touch. If we’ve helped you build an oven through a workshop and you’ve been using it, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you, as would others!

P.S. We’re hoping to add an interactive map feature on our website of ovens we’ve built through workshops and that have been built by past students. If you send a story and wouldn’t mind having your oven on our map (coming soon), please include it. Thanks ; ) – Ashley & Heather

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