The Art of Clay Plaster & Paint – Interior Finishes

Date: June 6 - June 6, 2016
Duration: 1 day
Fee: $110
Location: Edmonton , AB

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Healthy lunch and refreshments included!

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 Add Life to your Walls

Clay plasters when used for an interior finish allow anyone to experience the beauty and benefits of natural building. You’ll learn how to make and apply clay plasters and paints which can be applied to virtually any wall surface, even drywall. Turn the most conventional home into an eco sanctuary.

This 1 day hands on workshop will give you plenty information to take away and get going on your own projects. Lunch, refreshments & snacks included.

applying clay paint and plaster



Dreaming about turning your living space (massage studio, yoga space, children’s bedroom) into an eco sanctuary? Clay is the ultimate in natural: unique, comfortable and stylish, and best of all, has an extremely low environmental impact.


Dirt Craft student learning how to plaster rounded corner.



  • Learn how to turn simple ingredients, clay and sand into plaster and then use a ‘hawk & trowel’ to apply it to create artful walls.
  • 2 certified instructors.
  • The opportunity to work under closely guided supervision, meaning you can take your skills home with you, and be confident in the undertaking of your own project!
  • Recipes. This is the equivalent of working with two professional chefs, and then getting to take home their secret recipes that they have developed over years of trial and error. But unlike a soup recipe, you can’t get the ingredients for clay plaster at the local grocery store (well, some of the ingredients you can!), so we help you out by sharing our keenly sought out sources too.
  • Learn about natural pigments & how to use them.
  • How to prepare surfaces for plastering.
  • How to source required materials and ingredients.
  • Learn about the creative opportunities that abound when working with natural materials: this includes finishing techniques, and fun ingredients like mica and chopped straw.
  • Lunch and refreshments included. We take pride in hosting workshops in style, so we aim to feed you well, paying attention to things like local, and organic.

Interested in more natural building? This workshop is being offered as a ‘bonus day’ to our 3 day Natural Plaster Intensive workshop. Have a look!

Clay finish over drywall, kitchen. Green home construction. Colour 'Snake River'.


This workshop is for you if:

1. You care how your actions affect the planet, and you know about all the chemicals and toxins in most paint products, but you want to update your home to a warmer healthier space in style.

2. You value and celebrate creativity, and want to bring that into your home.

3. You like to feel empowered doing things yourself: this is an old world skill that has so many modern applications.

4. You are dreaming of or in the process of building a natural home, like straw bale, light-clay straw, or cob.


American Clay over drywall, bathroom. Green home renovation. Colour 'Tuscon Gold'.


Clay has more relief than conventional paint, and is so much more satisfying to work with. In this workshop, we will teach you how to make plaster, and the ‘hawk and trowel’ application method. Clay plasters also allow you to experience the beauty and benefits of natural building. They can be applied to any wall surface, including drywall, and offer the perfect solution for those wanting to bring the benefits of natural building into a conventional home.

To answer some questions you are probably thinking about:

  • Yes, clay plasters can easily be applied over drywall!

  • It is also durable and wipeable (to some extent). We will go over some techniques you can use to get the most out of your plaster

  • It can be any colour you want it to be!

  • It is easy to repair – in fact easier than conventional paint. We’ll give you our expert tips

Clay plasters and paints add a quality that is unobtainable with any other finish. They are inherently beautiful, help to regulate humidity, and are completely non-toxic. They are durable and easily repaired, and the best way to make your home warmer, healthier and more beautiful.

We will talking about American Clay pre-bagged plasters, as well as making a variety of homemade plasters and paints from easily obtainable, affordable natural materials. And these are no mud walls! They can be made to any taste and can be applied in a vast range of colours and textures.

American Clay plaster over drywall, green home renovation.


“This course was taught with so much passion that learning came easily. After only two full workshop days I could actually leave with my newly acquired knowledge and skills to create something beautiful on my own in my own home. Now that’s a course worth taking! Thanks Ashley and Heather!”

– Bonnie Hamilton, Student



Mixing Clay Plaster.


About the Instructors:

Both Ashley and Heather are passionate about using clay paints and plasters to enhance the health, feel, and beauty of any space. Over the past 8 years, they have worked with a wide variety of clay paints and plasters on several continents and learned from some of the leading natural plaster teachers. Read more about them and the story of Dirt Craft here.


Check out our clay plaster & paints workshop gallery here.


Register Online:

$125.00 plus gstRegister Here

[Early Bird pricing in effect until May 20th, 2016. Regular price $125]

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Date & Time:

Workshop will run 9am to 4:30 pm on Monday, June 6th, with wrap up time being sensitive to the need to travel home that evening.


This workshop will be hosted at StoneHedge, a place for community, just outside Edmonton, in Sherwood Park AB. Last year we facilitated a week long work party to build the walls of the straw bale Temple at this site. The Temple itself is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lands in Alberta and the people who strive to protect them. This space is to be available for people of all faiths, spiritual beliefs and religions, as a global healing temple for all. We’ll be installing the earthen floor in this space.


A Few Other Notes:

**Please note that we send out specific course information to all registered participants about a week prior to workshop date which includes location, directions, and a brief reminder of what to expect, and what to bring. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

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