Complete Earthen Floor Workshop – Edmonton, AB

Date: June 11 - June 12, 2016
Duration: 2 days
Fee: $220
Category: Earthen Floor
Location: Edmonton , AB

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Everything You Need to Know About Earthen Floors

Contemporary earthen floors combine traditional methods while addressing modern demands and aesthetics for a result that is beautiful, durable, non-toxic, ecologically-sensitive, and healthy.

This two day hands-on workshop will get you everything you need to know about earthen floors: the right proportions of sand to clay to create a successful recipe, the tools, sub floor preparation, the installation of radiant heating in earthen floors, & finishing techniques. We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be covering earthen counter tops as well!

Lunch and refreshments included both days. A camping option is available as well. See below for details.


Earthen floor finished with hemp oil & soft beeswax.


In this two day workshop we’ll cover:

  • Where earthen floors can be installed and how to prepare your space
  • How to create a durable and beautiful mix from clay, sand and straw – with both local and bagged clay
  • Sourcing materials
  • Tool selection and technique
  • Floor installation techniques, using trowels and other tools to ensure proper laying of the material for best performance
  • Proper sub floor insulation and preparation – for ‘on-grade’ , concrete sub floor and standard wood joist & plywood scenarios
  • In-floor (radiant) heating installation
  • Compression and burnishing
  • Finishing techniques including oiling and waxing
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Earthen counter tops – a very similar process to the earthen floor, though more refined, so we thought this would be a good opportunity for you learn more, and make a sample tile to take home
Installing earthen floor over existing concrete with in-floor heating.


Earthen floors are the oldest floors on earth. They offer a warmth and beauty that is unsurpassed by other conventional flooring options. Soft and more comfortable than concrete, earthen floors are durable, long lasting, earth and people-friendly, and affordable. They add thermal mass, making them perfect for passive solar designs, while complimenting in-floor heating systems very well.

earthen floor time lapse thumbnailFirst layer of earthen floor with in-floor heating in straw bale home.

earthe counter topAn earthen counter top. A very similar process to the earthen floor; we’ll cover the how-to and send you home with your own sample tile.


Popular Questions from our Earthen Floor FAQ:

What is an earthen floor made from?

Earthen floors combine sand, clay and fiber, usually straw. Materials are generally sourced locally, depending on your needs and particular location. The floor is sealed with various plant-bases oils such as hemp, or linseed (flax) oil, and a soft bee’s wax for long term protection.

Where can these floors be installed?

Earthen floors offer versatility for a wide-range of spaces, and are suitable for every room of the house. They are not recommended in outdoor spaces, basements prone to flooding, areas that are frequently wet, or in areas prone to lots of abuse (i.e. in a workshop where heavy tools are frequently dropped).

Earthen floors can be installed “on grade”, on existing concrete slabs, and when properly prepared, on a framed sub floor.

Are earthen floors easy to maintain?

Yes. Earthen floors can be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. An occasional washing with an oil-based soap like castile will keep the floor clean and glossy. A new coat of wax should be applied on occasion, though this may be every 1 to 5 years depending on the wear. Earthen floors are easily patched if they are damaged.

Visit our Earthen Floor Resource page for more information, or visit our Earthen Floor Gallery page here.

First layer of earthen floor - Dirt Craft workshop.

Workshop Details:


This workshop will be hosted at StoneHedge, a place for community, just outside Edmonton, in Sherwood Park AB. Last year we facilitated a week long work party to build the walls of the straw bale Temple at this site. The Temple itself is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lands in Alberta and the people who strive to protect them. This space is to be available for people of all faiths, spiritual beliefs and religions, as a global healing temple for all. We’ll be installing the earthen floor in this space.

Date & Time:

9am – 5pm Saturday June 11th and 9am – 4:30/ 5pm Sunday June 12th. A healthy, hearty lunch is included both days.

Accommodation & Camping Options:

Our hosts are offering a camping option for Saturday $20. Payable directly to our hosts once the workshop commences. There is lots of space for camping, as well as shared cooking/ eating facilities with a fridge & cook stove. Our hosts are also offering food for $10/meal per person if you desire some excellent sustenance. He is a great cook (we can tell you from experience)!

Register Online:

$250.00 plus gstRegister Here

Healthy lunch and refreshments included!

[*Early bird pricing in effect until May 20th, 2016. Regular price $250]

Feel free to review our cancellation policy here.

Some Other Notes:

**Please note that we send out specific course information to all registered participants about a week prior to workshop date which includes location, and a brief reminder of what to expect, and what to bring. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Why Take a Dirt Craft Workshop:

We strongly believe that natural building is best learned in a hands-on environment, and this is why we always work on real projects in our workshops. Our goal is to ensure that you get the education and experience you need, to have the confidence to work on your own projects. We want to contribute in a positive and meaningful manner to the natural building community and we think that education, with integrity, in the latest building techniques can expand and add to this emerging field.

Learn From Experience:

We have taught over 500 students, and worked on many projects since we officially became a business in 2010. This means we have encountered many different, and sometimes difficult situations. We bring this experience and knowledge to each workshop, so that when you encounter your own difficulties, during your own project, you will be armed with all of the necessary information to make decisions when the time comes.