Straw Bale Work Party – FULL

Date: August 20 - August 24, 2015
Duration: 5 days
Fee: $250
Location: near Edmonton , AB

Learn to Build with Straw Bales

Dirt Craft Natural Building will be leading a work party to help build a straw bale Temple at a retreat centre, just 25 minutes South East of Edmonton, AB in Sherwood Park.

Please contact Lisa Delwo directly to register at 780-934-5472. Space is limited to 15 participants per day. They have created a Facebook event page, which you can connect with here.

$80/ per day which includes lunch, or $250 for five days. It is important that you contact Lisa directly to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 15 people per day.

Note: This opportunity is being offered at a discounted rate from our usual Comprehensive Straw Bale Workshop because we will not be covering our full course content. There will be much less classroom & discussion time, and we’ll only have the time to really cover straw bale construction as it relates to this building. The ‘work party’ model is not something that we do often, and we’ve worked long and hard to create a high standard for all our workshops, that balance classroom learning, time for questions and hands-on experience. In this case, we adjusted our focus towards accomplishing work for these five days.

There is camping available onsite, with access to basic facilities, including a kitchen.

See map for specific directions.

This work party will focus on learning to build with straw bales, as well as mixing and applying clay plasters. Through the sharing of this knowledge we want to inspire and empower you to create your own projects using earth friendly building techniques.

The Temple will be dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lands in Alberta and the people who strive to protect them. It is their intent to have a sacred space that will ‘keep the home fires burning’. There will be someone tending the fires every day, with open Temple hours, for people to come and retreat, spend some quiet time in nature, reconnect, and send their own desires and intentions for healing out to the world. This space will be available for people of all faiths, spiritual beliefs and religions, as a global healing temple for all. All will be welcome!

We are so happy to be able to support Nathalie Jackson, Lisa Delwo, and their community at Stone Hedge Farms, and their vision to create healing spaces, conscious living, stewardship and service.

straw bale plaster workshop pit

Dirt Craft Straw Bale workshop: mixing plasters.


More Info About the Work Party:

Why build with bales? Are straw bale buildings healthier to live in? Are they safe when it comes to fire? What about mice/ pests? Won’t the walls rot? How much insulation does straw provide? These are some common questions, for sure. And good questions too. For answers to these, and more, including ten great reasons you’d want to build with straw bales, visit our resource page here.

We will introduce you to the most up to date techniques of straw bale construction through the completion of a timber framed structure. We use an infill straw bale wall system, deal with windows and door detailing, and finish the bales with clay-based earthen plasters inside and out.

This course will be of interest to you if you are considering building with straw bales whether that’s your dream home, a secondary suite, garden retreat or studio. We offer a unique and experienced look into the world of natural building, and specifically how to use clay and earthen plasters to achieve an effective wall system in combination with straw bales.

You don’t need any previous building experience to participate! We offer a unique and experienced look into the world of natural building, and specifically how to use clay and earthen plasters to achieve an effective wall system. If you are considering building a natural home this opportunity will give you some insight to the process of building with bales!

straw bale temple foundation and frame

Foundation and basic frame in place for the Straw Bale Temple