What is Natural Building?

Natural building is easy in concept. We have been building this way since the beginning of time. Use what is locally available or nearby. Avoid toxic substances. Design a home to harness and/or shield the sun’s heat. Build a home that connects you with nature and spirit; a home that is healing and grounded. Build for durability and adaptability. Involve your community. Participate.

The difficulty is adapting natural building techniques to a modern context. That’s where we come in. Our focus is to provide current, science-based education and professional services using natural building materials to create homes that are high performance, healthy, durable, and code-compliant.

We specialize in: straw bale, cob, natural finishes, non-toxic paints, clay & lime plasters, earthen floors and healthy materials for new & existing homes.

As consultants, teachers, leaders, and doers, our services are broad and adaptable and we find great joy in working with folks who believe a better future is possible. Together we can build a straw bale home, a delectable wood-fired cob oven, or bless your walls with exquisite clay plasters. Have a look around, be inspired, and get involved. We look forward to connecting with you!

Recent Feedback from a Happy Student:

I have taken three workshops with Ashley and Heather. They are both very knowledgeable and kind teachers. They are very passionate about their craft and seem to hold strong ethics. For this reason I traveled to Alberta from New Brunswick because their workshops have been very valuable with real life applications.

I feel comfortable and confident enough to continue with my own projects and know they will be available should I have questions. All workshop hosts also have provided excellent meals that where organic or local. I highly recommend Dirt Craft and hope to do more workshops in the future….

– Stephanie Mathews [Learn to Build a Cob Oven, Walls Au Naturel, and Rocket Mass Heater Intensive graduate]

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